A place in which to continue ancient customs, a basin in which to immerse yourself for a purification ritual that has distant origins, in the tradition of a country that makes hygiene and body care a real belief. In fact, Ofuro identifies the ancient ritual of the Japanese bath, which originally took place in large and deep wooden tubs, but which involved washing the entire body out of the tub and then immersing yourself in it for total relaxation in boiling water. Today Ofuro is a built-in or freestanding bathtub that comes from contemporary reshaping of a project from the 1970s. A plastic form, a large sculpture, a bathtub that seems to have been made from a single block, worked, cut by the skillful hand of man or eroded by the natural force of water. The coexistence of straight lines and sharp edges with soft shapes and curved surfaces values the composition allowing to also contemplate the corner placement of it.